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Mandy Cufley

I was raised in Woodinville, Washington, nestled in a beautiful green valley northeast of Seattle. It was there throughout my childhood where I developed an intense appreciation for color, pattern, and texture as well as a love for drawing and coloring. The attributes of the natural world continue to be an inspiration for my art. I use a rich combination of color, a disheveled arrangement of pattern, and a range of textures to reflect organized chaos, uncertainty and continuous change.

Being within the moment...a practice I'm learning to live by. Spontaneity...a blank canvas, red paint on the pallet, pent up emotion, random thoughts and feelings that have nowhere else to go. Painting is my release. I express my feelings, my view of the world, and my being with mixtures of acrylic paint, charcoal, oil pastel, torn paper and canvas all plastered and sketched and painted onto whatever surface I have in front of me. I cover each canvas with movement that stays still...shapes, pattern, color, and texture come from the instantaneous movement of the brush, representation of the unexplained energy that fills our earth through our unique beings, the connection we have with one another, and the uncertain comfort of the universe surrounding us. Nothing is changeless...

I began art classes in junior high and continued them throughout high school. By the time graduated, I had decided my career would be in the field of design. I earned a BFA in graphic design from Montana State University in 2000 and following a 2 1/2 year in-house graphic design job, I began my own business venture, Lucky Girl Designs, in January of 2004. The business was created to include all assets of my talents, as a grahic designer, illustrator and painter, although I have realized that my art is not a part of Lucky Girl Designs at all. My art comes from my being, not my business...

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