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Jean Mann

Ballard Art Walk Saturday March 8th, 2008 from 6 to 9 PM

Located at: 1718 NW 56th Street, Seattle, WA 98107

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Artist Statement:

Jean Mann is in artistic transition…

This exhibit encompasses that transitional period. Some of the pieces you see are executed in pure pastel, easing into her more recent works of pastel/mixed media methods.

"I worked in watercolor medium for many years, often finding myself challenged to overcome media/technique obstacles, rather than joy in execution. Near the end of my watercolor focus, I'd discovered watercolor sticks, and gradually began a shift to more 'drawn' paintings. At last I could let go of traditional expectations and begin opening up to the concept of the "love", rather than the "struggle" direction of art making."

Mann had a pivotal art experience in 1997. One day, on an art making tour in Ireland, she watched a fellow artist creating a pastel drawing. So rich and deep was the palette, she was immediately mesmerized. Upon return, the paint box was moved aside and Jean threw herself headlong into the talcum-powder-softness of pastels, instantly finding a new artistic home.

Naturally the former watercolor sensibilities fed the new tactile approach. The artworks you see (framed under glass) represent this original pastel method.

Along the years, Jean also became a guitarist, singer-songwriter, creating 3 CD's, and eventually touring the land in search of music loving ears.

In 2007, she was invited to exhibit her art during a music tour, in Ukiah, California. With limited space in a tiny tour rig, she created a travel-friendly body of work, thus a new style/mixed media technique began to emerge.
The pieces you see "glass-free" represent the new style.

Enjoy the show!

For ART CV and Jean's other artistic pursuits, please visit | Resume




Blue Glass

Andrew supports the arts!

Over the past few years he has donated hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to help promote talented artists. As a graduate from Cornish College of the Arts in Music, Andrew understands the challenges an artist faces to become successful in today's environment. That's why he is proud to assist. For more information regarding any of the artists please contact Andrew at (206) 930-8238 or

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