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Andrew Miller

Hand-Painted Photography and Fine Art

To understand the appeal in art is a judgment of the artist and the environment in which they choose to work. As deliberate and direct as an image or sound may be, there remains an obvious contrast in the manner to which they will be felt. Much of the work done by Andrew Miller will sway an audience from one spectrum of emotion to another. In layering multiple media, the most prominent being oil paints with photography, Miller has discovered a solace within which to operate--creating unique arrangements within the images and the colors themselves.

Born, raised and residing in Seattle, Washington, Miller has quietly unmasked the tenured art of hand painted photography while, concurrently, building a library of fine art and short film. Having interest and theory of the arts at an early age, there became an unforced awareness to find a relevance to creativity and emotion.

Miller was formally introduced to painting with oil at the age of eight and continued to expand his skills through his formative years. He elected to focus on the photographic arts, after having received his first camera and photo oils from his aunt in 1996. While the camera produced canvas after canvas, the paints gathered dust until five years later, during which two sub-creative years of art school submitted him to his private labor.

Miller's work represents his personal life, depicting his home and travels with specific intent. Each piece varies in style, structure and aesthetic. With nearly 600 pieces to his credit, collectors and designers alike tout Miller with a unique and fluent voice in a growing art movement. His body of work includes oil and watercolor paintings, sculpture, sketch, collage art, creative writing and collaborative film.

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