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Doug Plummer in March
plus a live Irish Music Session

I have a signature photograph from Ireland, a grouping of rocks, glacial erratics, on the furrowed limestone plain of the Burren. After nearly every trip to Ireland, the same set of rocks turns up on my contact sheets. This is not intentional. A gravitational pull exists between this particular group of rocks and me. It is not as though there aren't thousands upon thousands of like-looking rocks in North Clare. Yet I return to these same three rocks, always by accident.

The western edge of Ireland, particularly County Clare, has captured me like no other place on earth. I approach the landscape and the culture with an investigative curiosity, and a deeply felt connection that defies explanation. Maybe it is the stories, unknown to me, the outsider, that have been attached to the land and carry a force that affects my gaze. It is certainly the look of that inimitable landscape, shaped by thousands of years of human habitation to the point where architecture has melded into geology. Whatever the source, the resulting photographs are my attempt to extract meaning from the encounter.

Doug Plummer has been a Seattle-based professional photographer for over 20 years. In the 1970's he was a fine art landscape photographer with several one-man and group shows to his credit. Since the mid-1980's he has done work for corporate and advertising clients, and for such magazines as Discover, Bon Appetit, Smithsonian and Sunset. In addition to his extended journeys through Ireland, his travel photography has taken him to the Arctic, the Caribbean, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Israel, Mexico, the Galapagos, Australia, France, Norway, England, and throughout the Unites States.

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