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Margi Baxter Wilburn

Ballard Art Walk Saturday April 12th, 2008 from 6 to 9 PM

Located at: 1718 NW 56th Street, Seattle, WA 98107

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Artist Statement:

Writing artist statements always pose a special situation for me. I never quite know where to start. There seems to be so much to say and picking a place to begin is at the very least, bewildering. While I was growing up my father was in the military so we moved a lot. A couple of these transfers required cross-country drives. I think it was during those road trips that I developed such an appreciation for the vast and varied landscape that covers our country. During this time I also developed a love of history, particularly American history and history of the American West. I suppose that if you put these two things together that it would not be hard to see how my love of landscape and nature photography developed. I am always wondering about the land that lies before me. Who was there before me? Who will be there after I have passed thru? How has it changed? How can I capture these moments to share?

One of the things I think is so sad about the way society is organized today is that it has taken most of us out of the natural world. So many people do not take the time to stop and appreciate the world around them. One of my goals is to capture those fleeting moments that pass so many of us by. Whether it is a colorful sunset, the details of a small flower or simply the texture of the ground. There is so much that gets taken for granted.

When I first went to art school I had a hard time. For the first time I was thrust outside of my comfort zone of film and photography into the world of drawing and painting. I was forced into looking at things differently, or so I thought. In time I stopped trying to force my drawings and painting to look like photographs, I let them be what they were. I began to see the smaller shapes, colors and designs that made the whole. At the same time I struggled in my photography. We would have two weeks to complete an assignment. Each assignment had a theme. I would get locked into interrupting these themes very literally. It wasn't until I graduated that I was able to see the pattern and realize that I was seeing and creating pieces the same way regardless of the medium. I am attracted to graphic shapes, bold color, design, texture and detail. Once I realized that and allowed myself to follow and develop that, then I began to have increased success. My photography moved into another realm. They had more focus, more feeling. They under went a metamorphosis from snap shots with potential to light paintings.

It is all about bringing people a different point of view. There are so many more ways to see things than at eye level. It is about capturing that split moment in time so that people who missed it the first time around will get a chance to appreciate it. It is about preserving our world and the way we impact it. It is about appreciating our world. It is about taking the time to be in awe of nature and realizing that every moment is special. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This artist statement is only about six hundred, so with any luck, just one of my photos relates what I am trying to say twice as well as anything I have written.

~Margi Baxter Wilburn

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