Betsy Barnum


Open Reception August 14th, 2010

"I use my works on paper to describe my life, expressing my thoughts and emotions about a specific moment or circumstance through my relationships with those I am closest to. I build up thin layers of paint, collage, and pencil to conceal and reveal images the way emotions and behavior are unconsciously layered to hide or signal something to others. The gesture and composition of the figures in my work are very important, as they are the first indicators of the work's meaning. I use recurring objects from piece to piece as symbols or metaphors for people and ideas. For example, I often use a typewriter to represent myself, or a bird as a metaphor for fear, joy, or anger."


Reverie Studio


Open reception on August 14th, 2010 between 6 & 9 PM at the FORMUM CENTER. Located at:

1718 NW 56th Street, Seattle, WA 98107.


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