Kathy Parker


Open Reception June 12th, 2010

"Collage" is derived from the French verb "coller", meaning to adhere, paste or glue. I start a collage or fiber piece for the sheer pleasure of seeing how an idea is going to turn out.  Often the textures, forms and colors of the materials I use create an unexpected shape, rhythm or atmosphere of their own and result in a picture quite different from my original concept. In creating my collages I use Asian papers, which I usually color with acrylic or watercolor.  I tear the papers and apply on canvas or paper background using acrylic medium as the glue. 




Open reception on June 12th, 2010 between 6 & 9 PM at the FORMUM CENTER. Located at:

1718 NW 56th Street, Seattle, WA 98107.


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